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It’s in the news every day: violent crime growing nationwide. Murder and manslaughter up by nearly 30 percent in 2020 according to the FBI.

But less known is the rise in another kind of white-collar crime. …

With Prof. Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Oct. 19, 2021

This is perhaps my most incisive podcast ever (at least I think so). How could it not be, as I was interviewed by Prof. Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. A must-listen if you and/or someone you care about have been prosecuted for a white…

Mike Neubig and Jeff Grant are members of of our that meets online on Zoom on Monday evenings

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, because this is quite a read.

Who’s more despicable: a thief who robs a 7–11 at gunpoint, or Elizabeth Holmes, the former billionaire (on paper) accused of perpetrating a massive fraud with her blood-testing…

Chapter 13 from “Suicide and its Impact on the Criminal Justice System,” Edited by Elizabeth Kelley and Francesca Flood

Thank you Elizabeth and Francesca for this opportunity to be of service to our community. — Jeff

Book Excerpt: “The Logistics of Suicide,” by Jeff Grant

“It’s taken me years to unravel what happened on the night of my suicide attempt in July 2002. Even now I’m sure that I don’t have all of it exactly right. All I…

It’s probably not a surprise that we regularly hear from, and reach out to, many white collar criminal defense lawyers. Jason Goldman contacted us after reading our recent article in , “9 Things to Know when Hiring a White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer,” and offered to write a reflection from…

Hiring a defense attorney is a monumental task, and most are monumentally unprepared for the effort.


By Jeff Grant,

Hiring a white-collar defense lawyer is a monumental task — and one that most entrepreneurs and businesspeople, even those who are sophisticated legal consumers, are monumentally unprepared to do.

I should know.

I’m a lawyer and entrepreneur who became addicted…

The ‘New Yorker’ takes a look

(NEWSER) — It’s safe to say that for most of his life, Jeff Grant didn’t know what “macks” were. That would be a reference to foil packages of smoked mackerel, which functioned as a kind of currency in a federal prison in Pennsylvania, where Grant spent 14 months. His stay…

Our White Collar Support Group is featured in this article.

Reprinted from .

In the nineties, Jeff Grant had a law firm in Westchester County, a seat on the local school board, and an owner­ship stake in a bistro called, if you’ll for­ give the irony, the Good Life. He was in his early…

Jeffrey D. Grant, Esq.. Private General Counsel/White Collar Crisis Management

Please join us on Oct. 19, 2021, 12:45 pm, for Jeff’s plenary ethics presentation, “Pleasing Everybody Pleases Nobody,” at the 16th Annual Delaware Trust Conference, sponsored by The Delaware Bankers Association and The Delaware Financial Education Alliance.

Pleasing Everybody Pleases Nobody — We are often faced with pressure to bend…

Jeff Grant

Jeff is practices law in NYC at GrantLaw, PLLC, providing private general counsel, white collar crisis management, and dispute strategy and management services.

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