All Things SBA, PPP & EIDL: Hannah Smolinski on White Collar Week

The White Collar Week Podcast with Jeff Grant, Ep. 21, All Things SBA, PPP & EIDL, Guest: Hannah Smolinski, CPA — The Virtual CFO

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Today on the podcast, we have Hannah Smolinski. Hannah is a CPA and founder of Clara CFO Group, a virtual CFO and consulting services firm providing small businesses with financial clarity as they grow. Her experience for one of the world’s largest accounting firms inspired her to bring that level of financial expertise to the small business community through financial strategy, best practices, and knowledge to realize their missions.

Hannah is also a Senior Advisor to Upside Financial and its PPP forgiveness product, PPP Advisor Pro.

This episode is chock full of important and topical financial information for small businesses and entrepreneurs, up to the minute details about PPP, PPP2, and EIDL loans, SBA loan fraud, and so much more.

So coming up, Hannah Smolinski, the Virtual CFO, on White Collar Week. I hope you will join us. — Jeff

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More on SBA PPP & EIDL Loan Fraud:

Entrepreneur’s #4 Most Viewed Article of 2020: I Went to Prison for SBA Loan Fraud — 7 Things to Know When Taking COVID-19 Relief Money: by Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div.. Link to article here.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Steal Money from the Feds? First, Meet Jeff Grant, an Ex-Con who Committed Loan Fraud, by Erin Arvedlund: Link to article here.

Hannah Smolinski YouTube: Thinking About PPP Fraud?: Hannah Interviews Jeff Grant About Going to Prison for SBA Loan Fraud. Link to article and YouTube video here.

Fraud Stories Podcast with Mark Lurie: SBA/PPP Loan Fraud with Guest: Jeff Grant. Link to podcast here.

Forbes: As Law Enforcement Pursues SBA Loan Fraud, Jeff Grant Talks Redemption, by Kelly Phillips Erb. Link to article here.

Taxgirl Podcast: Jeff Grant talks Desperation and Loans in a Time of Crisis with Kelly Phillips Erb on Her Podcast. Link to article and podcast here.

Business Talk with Jim Campbell: Jeff Grant Talks with Jim About Going to Prison for SBA Loan Fraud and What to Know When Taking Coronavirus Relief Money, Biz Talk Radio Network, Broadcast from 1490 AM WGCH Greenwich, CT. Listen on YouTube here.

Babz Rawls Ivy Show: Babz Rawls Ivy & Jeff Grant Talk SBA / PPP Loan Fraud and 7 Things to Know Before You Take Coronavirus Relief Money, WNHH 103.5 FM New Haven. Watch on YouTube here.

White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, Podcast Episode 09: Small Business Edition, with Guest Kelly Phillips Erb. Link here.




Jeff is practices law in NYC at GrantLaw, PLLC, providing private general counsel, white collar crisis management, and dispute strategy and management services.

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Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant

Jeff is practices law in NYC at GrantLaw, PLLC, providing private general counsel, white collar crisis management, and dispute strategy and management services.

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