David Israel & Spencer Oberg of GOOD PLANeT FOODS on White Collar Week

White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, Podcast Ep. 29, Guests: David Israel & Spencer Oberg of GOOD PLANeT FOODS. Watch on YouTube, Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. https://prisonist.org/white-collar-week-with-jeff-grant-podcast-ep-29-guests-david-israel-spencer-oberg-the-entrepreneurs/

Today on the podcast we have David Israel and Spencer Oberg, two successful entrepreneurs who both served time in prison. You might know them by their wildly successful, international vegan cheese company, GOOD PLANeT FOODS, or by their justice-centric media company, Unincarcerated.

In this episode we certainly go into David and Spencer’s incredible backstories. But more, we learn the nuts and bolts of how to be entrepreneurial and succeed after prison, the hard work it takes, how to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and how to get past your shame to find your passion and authenticity.

So, coming up, The Entrepreneurs. David Israel and Spencer Oberg. On White Collar Week. I hope you will join us. — Jeff


White Collar Support Group 251st Online Meeting. Monday, April 5, 2021 7 pm ET, 4 pm PT. It’s the isolation that destroys us.The solution is in community.

Whether you are an old friend, meeting regular, newcomer or someone who has never joined us before, Progressive Prison Ministries and St. Joseph’s Mission Church invite you to join us for our historic 251st online White Collar Support Group Meeting and Reunion on Zoom, Mon. Apr. 5, 2021 at 7 pm o 8:15 pm ET, 6 to 7:15 pm CT, 5 to 6:15 pm MT, 4 to 5:15 pm PT, 1 to 2:15 pm HST.

This is a huge step in forming a community of individuals, families and groups with white-collar criminal justice issues who have a desire to take responsibility for their actions and the wreckage they caused, make amends, to change their lives and to move forward in new way of life centered on hope, care, compassion, tolerance and empathy. Our experience shows us that many of us are suffering in silence with shame, remorse, and deep regret. Many of us have been stigmatized by our own families, friends and communities, and the business community. Our goal is to learn and evolve into a new spiritual way of life and then to reach out to offer all those suffering from these issues. In so doing, we share our experiences, feelings and resources to help make the quality of each other’s lives more manageable.

If you, a friend, family member, colleague or client are experiencing these issues, please contact us for information.

Details and contact information here

Also: Best of White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, Podcast Episode 01: An Evening with Our White Collar Support Group. 16 support group members tell their stories. Link here.

I work with people prosecuted for white collar crimes (and their families) who want to come out of isolation, take responsibility for their actions and join a supportive community that will help them navigate their journeys through the criminal justice system — to new ethical, productive, joyful lives on the other side of their issues.

As an ordained minister, conversations and communications with those I serve fall under state clergy privilege laws. This is one reason that attorneys often allow and encourage their clients to maintain relationships with me while in active prosecution or litigation situations. Not a prison consultant; not a prison coach.

Blessings, לשלום


Rev. Jeff Grant, J.D., M.Div. (he, him, his)
Co-founder, Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc., Greenwich CT & Nationwide
Co-host, The Criminal Justice Insider Podcast
Host, White Collar Week
Mailing: P.O. Box 1, Woodbury, CT 06798
Office: 203–405–6249

Donations (501c3): http://bit.ly/donate35T9kMZ
Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/jeff-grant-woodbury-ct/731344
not a prison coach, not a prison consultant



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Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant

Jeff is practices law in NYC at GrantLaw, PLLC, providing private general counsel, white collar crisis management, and dispute strategy and management services.