White Collar Week, Podcast Ep. 07: White Collar Wives

Guests: Lynn Springer, Cassie Monaco & Julie Bennett. Special Guest: Skylar Cluett

Jeff Grant - White Collar Week
4 min readAug 9, 2020

White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, A Podcast Serving the White Collar Justice Community. Limited 10 Show Run: Summer 2020

It’s the Isolation that Destroys Us. The Solution is in Community.

Podcast Ep. 07: White Collar Wives, with Guests: Lynn Springer, Cassie Monaco & Julie Bennett. Special Guest: Skylar Cluett

Skylar Cluett, Lynn Springer, Cassie Monaco

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Today on the podcast we have three women from very different parts of the country — Georgia, Montana & Connecticut — who all have one big thing in common: each had a husband who has served time, or is still serving time, in a Federal prison for a white collar crime.

In so many instances, families are destroyed by the actions of a partner that leads to divorce, estrangement from children, financial devastation — and untold resentment, suffering, embarrassment and shame. And certainly, our guests have all gone through, and still go through, much of this. As Cassie says on the podcast, “it’s a life sentence.” All let it rip with the poignant and painful truth.

Yet, each of our guests have decided to stay with their husbands, and forge from the ashes new family lives that are perhaps better than before. And all are available to speak to other spouses and family members going through these issues. Indeed, it becomes clear on the podcast that families with white collar justice issues don’t have to suffer in isolation, and can benefit from coming into community.

We are all bonded in our brokenness.

Here’s a teaser: one of the women on the podcast is my wife and co-founder, Lynn Springer (and, my step-daughter Skylar Cluett makes a guest appearance too)!

Four fascinating stories of four courageous women in conversation.

Coming up, White Collar Wives. On White Collar Week. I hope you will join us. — Jeff

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Welcome to White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, a podcast serving the white collar justice community. It’s the isolation that destroys us. The solution is in community.

If you are interested in this podcast, then you are probably already a member of the white collar justice community — even if you don’t quite know it yet. Our community is certainly made up of people being prosecuted, or who have already been prosecuted, for white collar crimes. But it is also made up of the spouses, children and families of those prosecuted for white collar crimes — these are the first victims of white collar crime. And the community also consists of the other victims, both direct and indirect, and those in the wider white collar ecosystem like friends, colleagues, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement, academics, researchers. Investigators, mitigation experts, corrections officers, reentry professionals, mental health care professionals, drug and alcohol counselors, — and ministers, chaplains and advocates for criminal and social justice reform. The list goes on and on…

In this very eventful summer 2020, our mission is to introduce you to other members of the white collar justice community, to hear their very personal stories, and hopefully gain a broader perspective of what this is really all about. Maybe this will inspire some deeper thoughts and introspection? Maybe it will inspire some empathy and compassion for people you might otherwise resent or dismiss? And maybe it will help lift us all out of our own isolation and into community, so we can learn to live again in the sunshine of the spirit.

Blessings, לשלום


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